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Question Mark? | Hotspots! Magazine - Part 6
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Question Mark November 25, 2009

Dear Mark,I met this guy about a week ago. He is adorable and a bit older than I (51), I am 40. I have...

Question Mark October 11, 2009

Dear Mark,   I have a question to ask.  There's this guy I saw at the grocery store.  He is a pharmacy technician and...

Question Mark October 6, 2009

Dear Mark,   I saw your column online the other day and thought you would be a good person to talk to about my...

Question Mark September 16, 2009

Dear Mark,   I'm dating a couple of different guys at the moment. The other day, two of them found out that they...

Question Mark September 2, 2009

Dear Mark,   My boyfriend and I have been together for almost two years.  Two wonderful but very rocky years.  I am 36...