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Feeling Out of Place

Dear Mark, My partner and I just moved down to Florida from Virginia about 8 months ago. I retired last year and we decided...

Question Mark November 25, 2009

Dear Mark,I met this guy about a week ago. He is adorable and a bit older than I (51), I am 40. I have...

Question Mark December 30, 2009

Dear Mark,   I'm sort of heartbroken as I write this letter to you. I've talked all my friends' ears off and feel...

Question Mark September 2, 2009

Dear Mark,   My boyfriend and I have been together for almost two years.  Two wonderful but very rocky years.  I am 36...

Question Mark May 13, 2010

Dear Mark, Long distance relationships are hard. I’ve been seeing this woman I’ll call Jill for the past six months. We met in Fort...

One Gay Friend

Dear Mark, I'm writing at the advice of my new friend. He's the one gay friend I have. He suggested I get some professional...