Food for Thought: Rosie's Bar and Grill


Rosie's Bar and GrillRosie’s Bar & Grill has been a longtime favorite of mine.  I have always been a fan of their friendly service, fun atmosphere (especially on the weekends!), their big juicy Award-Winning burgers and their wonderful mojitos. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been there – easily over 25 times — and I have sampled almost everything on their menu.

My normal go-to items are their Another Saturday Night Alone ($10.50) which is tuna salad with cran-raspberry cream cheese on 9-grain bread, and Naked Sweaty Lovin’ – unbreaded grilled chicken tenders with Smack My Cheeks and Make ’Em Rosie sauce!

J’s favorite is the Big Catch Tacos ($12.50) which are warm soft flour tortillas stuffed with the Cajun-dusted and grilled daily catch, and topped with a cilantro-lime slaw, avocado and chipotle-ranch dressing.

I have reviewed Rosie’s before and this time I was there to check out some of their new menu items. I took my fiancé, J, along to get a newbie’s opinion (and by newbie, I mean, he had only been to Rosie’s 4 times prior to this visit).

Raspberry MojitoWe went on a Saturday afternoon and sat outside so that we would be in the center of the action. I started off with my favorite Rosie’s drink—the Raspberry Mojito. This is actually my favorite drink in the world (my second is Rosie’s Classic Mojito). Typically, I would order a pitcher, but J doesn’t drink and smart gal that I am, I’ve decided to save the sight of me drinking a pitcher of mojitos by myself until after we are legally wed.

We started with the Big Helga ($8.95), which is a giant soft pretzel served warm alongside 3 dipping sauces – Tangy Mustard, Guinness Beer Cheese and Rosie’s Ruby Red Cranberry Relish. The menu describes the pretzels as “Huge – and not a Grindr lie.” This is typical of Rosie’s as part of the fun is reading their menu. It is hilarious.

Dee Fibrillator burgerJ ordered their newest Award Winning Burger, the Dee Fibrillator ($13.50), which lives up to its name. This burger is outrageous—it’s an 8 oz. Angus burger topped with Sriracha Ranch mayo, pecan wood smoked bacon and panko breaded fried Velveeta. It was outrageous—the juicy meat and unique toppings worked so well together. It’s easy to see how it was a winner. Past winners include Bacon Bitty Bang Bang ($13.50) which is a big Angus burger, Bourbon Bacon Jam, Chipotle Bang Bang Sauce, Roasted Plum tomatoes and Creamy Brie. Another past winner, Anita Mojito ($12.50) features a juicy Angus burger drenched in mojo, topped with Swiss cheese, shaved ham, sliced pickles and Rosie’s creamy Dijon mustard aoli.

Rosie’s Burger menu is extensive and really offers something for every taste. I will say this—even a plain burger at Rosie’s is delicious. All of these great toppings aren’t even needed, but they are an amazing bonus. I think that is why Rosie’s is such a consistent winner.

Booty Call at Rosie'sI tried out the Booty Call ($10.95) which is Rosie’s take on the Medianoche sandwich. It has smoked ham, shredded pork, Swiss cheese, dill pickles and Dijon aioli on egg Challah bread. The sandwich is pressed, melted and totally divine.

We finished our meal with a slice of Key Lime Pie, which was a zesty, creamy delight and I am craving some right now as I type this.

Rosie’s is one of the friendliest restaurants I have ever been to. It’s just a fun place to be and the great menu always satisfies. There really is something for every taste. Going there always energizes me!